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Sam Cast in Romantic Comedy ‘Second Nature’

Sam plays Bret Johnson in the romantic comedy ‘Second Nature’.

“Second Nature” is described as being in the vein of “Vice Versa” and “Freaky Friday.” The story follows Amanda (Wolfe) and Bret (Huntington), who have different ideas about how their small town should be run and decide to campaign for mayor. Following a heated argument, Amanda wishes that men could behave like women for a change. In a flash of light, a magical mirror transports her and Bret into an alternate reality where gender roles are reversed. Bret wakes up to discover he’s no longer the owner of his company, and gets heckled by female construction workers on his way to Hooters – which is now called Peckers Restaurant. Bret’s is desperate to escape this world, while Amanda will do everything she can to stay — but not everything is as she expected Is this the utopian world Amanda wished for?” – The Wrap